Sponsorship opportunities

1. Sponsor a Category Prize:

  • Support a specific category (Art & Storytelling, Educational Content, or Creative Innovation) by providing prizes such as gift cards, educational kits, or special awards for the winners in that category.

2. Event Sponsorship:

  • Become an official sponsor of the award ceremony or other challenge-related events. Your brand will be prominently featured during the celebration of young talents.

3. Challenge Supporter:

  • Contribute to the overall success of the challenge by providing financial or in-kind support. Your company’s name and logo will be featured as a Challenge Supporter on our promotional materials.

4. Scholarship Sponsorship:

  • Sponsor scholarships for exceptional participants or winners, enabling them to further their education in the fields of quantum science and technology.

5. Quantum Education Partner:

  • Collaborate with us to develop quantum science educational materials, workshops, or resources for participants. Your brand will be associated with promoting quantum education.

6. Community Engagement Sponsor:

  • Support initiatives to engage and inspire local communities in the field of quantum science. This can include outreach events, workshops, or school visits.

7. Customized Sponsorship:

  • Tailor a sponsorship package that aligns with your specific goals and objectives. We are open to discussing customized sponsorship opportunities to meet your needs.
Sponsorship LevelSponsorship Amount
Category Prize Sponsor$100 – $500
Event Sponsor$1000
Challenge Supporter$2000
Scholarship SponsorVaries based on scholarship
Quantum Education PartnerCustomized based on partnership
Community Engagement SponsorVaries based on scope
Customized SponsorshipTailored to specific objectives
Table1: Sponsorships

For inquiries and to discuss sponsorship opportunities in more detail, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator:

Submit your sponsorship interest: Click here   (Or)   Email: contact@quantumastra.com

We appreciate your interest in becoming a sponsor for the Quantum Science Kids Challenge. Your support will play a vital role in inspiring the next generation of quantum scientists and innovators.