Business Development Lead


Business Development Lead: Role Description

The Business Development (BD) Lead will identify, build and deepen relationships with customers and partners to maximize new and existing business opportunities. The BD Lead will help drive the growth of QuEra as an industry leader and as a global business. The BD Lead will take a lead role in effectively marketing and advancing QuEra’s unique and differentiated solutions in Quantum computing.

Location: Europe (Germany or UK) and US

Key Responsibilities:

Help build and execute commercial strategies and plans that grow our customer and partner network globally
Provide comprehensive BD leadership across a dynamic portfolio of customers, partners and prospects
Identify, pursue and capture new business opportunities in target markets, networks and geographies
Build and deepen relationships with key customers and partners
Lead Voice of the Customer processes with customers and partners, effectively convey external requirements and priorities to QuEra in order to develop and deliver optimal solutions
Represent and advocate for QuEra at industry events, conferences and in all networking media, influence the industry in effective ways
Collaborate with the CMO, BD team and QuEra team members in order to maximize commercial interactions
Drive sales and marketing efforts independently; taking leadership on communications, materials and coordination while aligning with the CMO and QuEra leadership team
Provide effective summaries and progress reports on markets trends, competition, and BD outcomes
Work with the CMO and company leadership to execute commercial plans, track and report the status of commercial projects, close commercial project priorities and milestones, define and help fulfill project resource needs
Capture, refine and communicate commercial opportunities & challenges; collaborate to address root cause issues and drive continuous improvement
Serve as a commercial hub at QuEra, synthesizing customer needs and market data in order to help define business priorities, orchestrate efforts to address these priorities
Connect commercial needs to internal resources, precisely identify which internal resources are essential for a specific commercial situation
Help align commercial processes with QuEra’s Project and Program Management support, help define how commercial processes interact with the product development lifecycle process
Help the CMO build our commercial capability, its methodologies, structure and processes
Help build a commercial capability that aligns with QuEra customer and partner work, help build and leverage customer and partner feedback loops
Help QuEra continuously improve how work is done and the overall collaborative practices
Key Capabilities & Attributes:

Highly effective in all forms of collaboration and teaming, internally and with external stakeholders
Works autonomously with great results
Expert at communications, bringing precision and clarity to complex situations
Shares critical information and updates in effective ways
Excels in crisis yet works constantly to avoid crisis
Builds trust, is a reason why QuEra is trusted by partners and customers
Brings best practices to QuEra, shares knowledge and expertise readily
Fully aligned with QuEra’s Cultural Values statement

Extensive BD and Sales experience
Advanced understanding of Quantum solutions, market potential and dynamics; HPC experience
Success in selling and marketing new-to-world products/services
5+ years of experience leading complex, high-difficulty commercial projects
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, with a Business or Marketing focus
Technical experience and capability; coursework, certifications or degrees preferred
Corporate Development experience, e.g., Alliances, IP licensing, etc.
Relationship management experience
Mastery of presentations, communications, PR
Program management, contracting and negotiation experience and skills
Significant track record of effective collaboration with leading-edge technical teams and networks