Scientific Software Engineer


QuEra Computing is seeking a creative and collaborative Scientific Software Engineer who will help solve the unique challenges of developing emulation of our neutral-atom platform with state-of-the-art emulation algorithms and software technology. We’re introducing these capabilities¬†as a service that can be used by scientists and organizations throughout the world to explore the applications possible with QuEra’s neutral-atom quantum computer.


Develop and maintain numerical simulation software for neutral-atom quantum computers
Communicate and collaborate with QuEra scientists and external customers to meet their use case requirements
Work with open source community to develop software and solve issues
Integrate simulation tools with other parts of the software stack
Desired Experience

Experience with high-performance computing concepts and tools, and familiar with parallel programming techniques such as SIMD, CUDA, MPI etc.
Strong knowledge of tensor network techniques, ODE solvers, and linear algebra
Experience in quantum many-body system simulation and open quantum system simulation
Experience using cloud providers to run CPU and GPU-intensive compute jobs
Experience in open-source scientific/quantum software development
Familiarity with Julia is preferable
Required Qualifications

BSc, MSc or Ph.D. in Computational Condensed Matter Physics background, or equivalent professional experience
Experience with at least one high performance computing language, such as C, C++, or Julia

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