Quantum Applications Scientist


QuEra Computing is seeking a talented, impact-motivated Quantum Applications Scientist. At QuEra, you will focus on using our near-term quantum hardware to develop quantum solutions across fields ranging from machine learning, chemistry, data science, operations research, and more. Working individually and as part of a team, you will interact with clients, business partners, collaborators, and other users of quantum computing to implement algorithms, develop use-cases, and create business solutions, contributing to the development of the QuEra IP portfolio.

For this role, qualified applicants should have:

MSc or a Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, or a related discipline, or equivalent professional experience,
Knowledge of at least one of the fields of quantum machine learning, quantum chemistry, quantum optimization, operations research,
Strong written and verbal communication skills,
Ability to collaborate effectively with people in different functions.
Preferred qualifications include:

Experience with quantum computing,
Experience developing client-focused solutions,
Previous experience with applications in a relevant business sector including biotech, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, operations research, logistics, and finance.

To apply for this job please visit www.quera.com.