Lead Integrated Photonics Engineer


Job Responsibilities:

Oversee an R&D program contributing to the production of large-scale quantum computing processors. The critical impasse for such large-scale production is the lack of sufficiently mature technology to modulate optical channels of control over the best-known qubits, neutral atoms and ions. This is largely due to a lack of applied engineering extending the gains of emerging integrated photonics methods to the quantum computing domain. This technical R&D program covers large-scale integrated photonics design, fabrication, prototyping, system-level architecture and operational support for components built into cloud-accessible quantum computers.

Specific responsibilities:

1.      Develop hybrid integrated/free-space photonics R&D activities to scale-up performance and channel count for qubit controllers;

2.      Analyze risk in various approaches; define goals, timelines and budget; build a team of engineers and scientists to attack critical areas; and execute on a viable technical roadmap;

3.      Develop first-of-their-kind photonic integrated circuits for controlling qubits and laser beams;

4.      Analyze system performance of chip-based architectures;

5.      Design photonics chips;

6.      Fabricate and improve fabrication processes for photonic integrated circuits in concert with CMOS foundries;

7.      Build large-scale optical systems for quantum computers; and

8.      Utilize integrated optics, fiber networks, holography, and free-space microscopy in cross-stack research on novel photonic technologies.


Partial Telecommuting Available 1 to 2 days per week.

Travel Requirement: 10% Domestic travel required and 1 to 2 International trips per year (1 week each).


Education, Experience and Skills Requirements:

PhD degree in Physics, EE, Optics or closely related field.


The successful candidate must also have:

(1)   At least three (3) years’ experience with integrated photonics modelling, design, fabrication and tape-out.

(2)   At least three (3) years’ experience with integrated photonics applied to quantum systems: test, measurement, and deployment.

(3)   At least three years of experience with free-space microscopy and optical design, test and measurement.

(4)   At least two (2) years of experience with system design combining free-space and integrated optical technology development; and

(5)   At least three (3) years of experience with experimental quantum computing experience.


All years of experience may be gained concurrently. Will accept academic or industry experience.


Please email your resume to Human Resources: employment@quera.com.