Quantum Physicist

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Working at Aliro Quantum, you will become an integral member of a diverse team dedicated to driving quantum networking technologies to fruition. As a Quantum Physicist you will have a diverse role in the company, though your primary responsibility will be to aid in the development of Aliro’s Quantum Network Simulator, which is used both externally to simulate and validate customers’ quantum network designs, as well as internally to drive the development and testing of Aliro’s network control protocols. In particular, you will eventually be expected to take partial or full ownership over the Simulator’s capacity to accurately model photonic devices and processes, and to work directly with customers to ensure that we are accurately modeling their systems.

What You’ll Do
Collaborate with the rest of the simulation team to expand the breadth and accuracy of physical models offered by the Simulator, from ideation to design and implementation.
Validate the Simulator against real world systems, and work with customers to develop accurate physical simulations of their testbeds networks.
Contribute to original quantum networking research.

Required Background
Graduate degree in quantum-related field of physics
Strong, intuitive, and broad expertise in quantum mechanics, quantum information, and in photonics / quantum optics / light-matter interaction.
Significant experience in computational physics and/or simulation.
Strong Python and object-oriented programming skills.
Experience performing and publishing high-quality research.
Ability to work independently and take ownership over projects.
Bonus Background
Expertise that would be especially handy:Free-space or fiber quantum communication
Linear optical quantum computing
Photonic circuits
Quantum error correction and fault tolerant computing
Photonic entanglement preparation and distribution
Quantum transduction
Experience contributing robust code to large-scale projects; comfort with git workflows and pytest will be helpful.
Experience working with quantum programming and/or simulation packages such as Cirq, Qiskit, and Strawberry Fields.
Experience writing and running optimization algorithms.

To apply for this job please visit www.aliroquantum.com.